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Posted by Cheryl Caldwell on 6/4/2021

If your lawn and garden area is full of lush, thriving trees, shrubs, herbs and flowers, youíre probably proud of its appearance and of all the hard work youíve put in to get it that way. However, you may also have a nagging feeling that itís missing something, but you canít quite put your finger on what that might be ó and that something could very well be hardscaping elements. Hardscaping is anything that provides aesthetic appeal and/or functionality to your outdoor living space that isnít vegetation. It provides dimension, texture and boundary definitions. The best hardscaping combines functionality and appearance. Hereís how you can make it happen:

Paved Pathways

Paved pathways can be installed using a variety of materials, including brick, cobblestone and polished concrete. Design possibilities are almost endless. Some homeowners prefer the sophisticated appearance of polished concrete, while others like to create a picturesque ambiance with old-school cobblestone. Paved pathways also protect your shoes from mud and other debris, as well as protect your lawn from the damage that heavy foot traffic can cause.

Decorative Arbors

Decorative arbors provide a delightful way to dress up the entrance to your property or introduce a backyard herb or perennial garden. You can grow vining plants up and over them, such as rambling roses, clematis or even switch it up every year by planting different vining annuals such as morning glory and nasturtium. During winter, you can keep things interesting by stringing holiday lights on it.

Garden Benches

Garden benches give you and other household members a relaxing place to sit, read, dream or simply get a rest from lawn and garden chores while enjoying the sunlight on your face and listening to the birds sing. If you opt for a wooden bench, choose one made of weather-resistant wood such as teak or cedar. Stone benches are excellent choices for areas that receive significant amounts of precipitation ó you can always add cushions for softness during the warm season.

Water Features

Waterfalls, ponds, fountains and raised birdbaths are just three appealing ways to turn your backyard into a personal oasis by adding water features. If youíre a nature lover, youíll spend hours enjoying the antics of your feathered friends as they splash in the birdbath, and if you could use a serene respite in your life, a flowing fountain or waterfall provides soothing sounds and serendipitous visuals.

Other hardscaping possibilities include garden statuary, trellises, decorative gates and fences, pergolas and footbridges.

Posted by Cheryl Caldwell on 8/16/2019

Are you a homeowner looking to make your backyard a fun place to hang out? Why not try a patio fire pit? Summer comes with a lot of warmth during the day followed by cool evenings. This alone makes it a period where homeowners are privileged to explore outdoor activities that winter denies them. Now fire pits are useful in any season throughout the year, but they are used more when the weather allows for regular outdoor recreation.

Many homeowners with idle backyards are starting to look for ways to enhance their outdoor living. Having a fire pit close to the patio in your yard touches up the overall aesthetics of your home. In no time and with the right feature, you will come to enjoy being outdoors more:

There are different options for adding fire pits to your yard:

Grounded fire pits: These are built into the ground using bricks of various kinds. The result is usually a permanent structure where you can sit around and spend quality time with friends and family.

Movable fire pits: For different reasons, you may decide to go for pre-made models that you can place in your backyard.

Benefits of setting up a patio fire pit

Whether you settle for the first or second option, or you choose a sophisticated fire pit with designs that attenuates the beauty of your patio, one thing remains common. Moreover, that is the great stream of benefits you are set to enjoy with a fire pit in the yard. 

Attractive backyard: A well-designed fire pit can give your yard aesthetic touches. A fire pit, with its beautiful features, can be used with different seating positions and other landscape features. With the fire as a focal point, the yard will be in the right shape for entertainment.

Brings in the warmth: On most summer nights, outdoor spaces usually record low temperatures. With a fire pit, you have a choice of starting a fire to keep warm and enjoy more outdoor living on cold nights. You can bring your cooking outdoor to share grilled foods with family and friends. Some fire pits come with grills where you can cook hot dogs and roast marshmallows.

Increased home value: Features like fire pits in your yard increase the value of your home. This works especially if your fire pit is integrated with a patio to add a sitting space. If you need to sell your house later on, patio fire pits make incredible selling points.

If youíre looking to add a fire pit to increase the value of your home, talk to a real estate agent about the best style for your house and neighborhood.