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“We loved working with Cheryl.  She was tireless in helping us sell our house during a very tough market.  Her thorough knowledge of real estate law helped us glide right through a very complicated transaction—and always with a smile.  We would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone.”  Craig & Margaret Grimes

Craig and Margaret Grimes

"I first met Cheryl 2 years ago when she was working with a friend on a relocation from NH to Newburyport.  At that time I was impressed with Cheryl’s patience, tenacity and willingness to go the distance with my friend, who I might add is happily settled in Newburyport.  During the summer of 2008 my partner and I began to look for a single family home and we called upon Cheryl.  Cheryl is attentive, detailed, caring, trustworthy, and dependable.  Although we continue to search for our next home, we do it with Cheryl right by our side. We have chosen her to help us buy our new home and sell our existing one.  Cheryl is simply a pleasure to work with."
Kay Bice, Newburyport, MA
Kay Bice

"As a first time home buyer, working with Cheryl was the best experience!  She was great at listening to who I am as a person, and at helping me to go through the entire process of thinking about what exactly I wanted, what I could afford, guiding me without judgment, and helping me to stay sane as I looked. She was patient, steady, clearheaded, and extremely generous of spirit.  I would recommend her to anyone of any means; she has a gift at what she does!  Everyone with whom I spoke along the way told me how lucky I was to be working with her. I couldn't agree more. "

Lori Grace

"It was a gift to have Cheryl as a partner in the process of finding a home.  Cheryl approaches the art of buying a home as a process with the end goal of finding the ideal fit for buyer and property.  She does not get stuck in needing to sell but in meeting the needs of her clients.  She was a true ally in the process, listening carefully to my wants and needs with respect to a home and continually honing her understanding of what would work for me.  The process of looking was an adventure, an otherwise stressful process potentially fraught with angst, actually enjoyable with Cheryl's support.  Cheryl was equally adept at listening, supporting and at gently challenging and nudging me when needed.  I am tremendously grateful for her part in my purchase."

Susan Chamberlin

"Working with Cheryl was great.  First her marketing plan positioned our home well against the competition and generated good traffic of prospective buyers.  Then her easygoing yet pragmatic style helped navigate us through the transaction.  She has the right combination of personality, market savvy, and attention to client."

Peter Engel
Peter Engel

"Several years ago both of our children moved from Seattle to Massachusetts and my wife and I decided to find a second home in the Newburyport region so that we could be near them for extended periods of time throughout the year.  Cheryl showed us around the area and helped us find a month-to-month rental property while we were looking for the perfect place for us.  Finding the perfect place for us was going to be challenging because we are both artists and we wanted something different and distinctive.  Cheryl was fabulous.  She listened to us when we described what we were looking for in a home; she worked with us “long distance” when we were back in Seattle and kept us updated on the availability of new properties that might fit our needs; and she spent time with us looking at promising properties when we were in Newburyport.  Not only did Cheryl find the perfect place for us, she has also provided us with continued friendship and support in the year since we purchased our new home.
Cheryl Caldwell is not just a realtor; she is someone you would want to have a continued relationship with as a friend.  Her knowledge of the community continues to be a vast wealth of information for us and she has helped us many times since she sold us our home over a year ago.  We are so impressed with her knowledge of the community that we have gone back to her time and again for advice on finding accountants, bankers, lawyers, gardeners and even babysitters (her daughters). 
We both highly recommend Cheryl Caldwell to anyone looking to purchase a new home in the Newburyport region."
 Lon and Jessica Hachmeister

Lon and Jessica Hachmeister

"Working with Cheryl made house hunting more fun than I ever imagined it could be. She unfailingly lined up six to ten properties for us to view each day that we went out with her. It was a bit like Christmas, a bit like running a marathon --  and we most certainly knew what we were looking for in short order. Cheryl's unflagging energy and enthusiasm kept us going during the search, and once we made an offer, she was invaluable in helping us navigate a tricky negotiation we couldn't have handled alone. Thanks to Cheryl, we're now living in a new home that we love more each day."
Annette Trivette

"Cheryl is a rare gem... She combines a sharp understanding of the market and its workings with the positive outlook, honesty and kindness of a good neighbor.

While I want to protect her from unreasonable expectations from future clients, the fact is that this fall, while everybody was complaining about the real estate market, Cheryl was scheduling showings of our house left and right. At one point she had three showing in a single day! And this was at a time when even Wall Street was paralyzed. Our house closed on Nov. 26th, after only two months working with Cheryl.

I attribute the great movement of people Cheryl was able to attract to our house to her professionalism and gentleness. Buyers and sellers alike trust her. And trust and confidence is exactly what you need if you are buying or selling a house in this uncertain market."

Julia Kirst, Newburyport, MA

Julia Kirst

"Cheryl acted as our buyer's broker in Newburyport.  The insight and advice she provided during the course of our search was invaluable and, when we found the right home, her continued guidance during inspection, purchase and sale and closing made the process go more smoothly than we could have imagined.  We definitely plan to work with Cheryl again."
Timothy Bowers and Kristin Moody

"I was so fortunate to be able to work with Cheryl Caldwell in 2008 when it became necessary for me to sell my townhouse in Newburyport. Cheryl planned Open Houses, advertised in the media, followed every lead, and best of all, was unfailingly friendly, cheerful, and informative to all who came. She was the best real estate agent I ever worked with!"
Barbara Schwartz

"Our experience with Cheryl Caldwell at Stone Ridge Properties has been so positive and friendly that it has changed our outlook on the home buying search. Cheryl has always been available for us either by telephone or e-mail to answer any question on property we were interested in. She is always upbeat and gracious, and we appreciate all her hard work and dedication."
Ellie and Frank Sowick

"I would highly recommend working with Cheryl. Not only is she the nicest person you´ll ever meet, she also makes you feel like you are her only client and number one priority. She is an expert in the Newburyport area and uses that expertise to make recommendations that best suit her clients´ needs. In a process that is shrouded with stress, uncertainty, and doubt, Cheryl brings a sense of calm and ends up not only serving as your realtor, but also mediator (at times therapist!), and friend." Purchased home in Newburyport, October - 2006
Kristina and Jason Cantelli